Our Services

What we can do for you

Our services are concentrated around our core technological strengths. Our services include

  • Custom development

    - Project Management
    - Architecture & System Design
    - Database Design
    - Systems Development
    - Quality Assurance

    Deployment & User Training Maintenance & Technical Support

  • Project Monitoring

    We are committed to these values and are fully conversant
    with the processes and practices that make them a reality.
    Whenever we approach a client's business, we approach it sensitively, professionally and with an open-mind. We recognize the
    importance that each client relationship represents to our success, and we correspondingly recognize our importance to each of our clients.

A Selection of Our Expertise

  • Core

    - Quaity - Value - Technical Exvellence

Tools and Technologies

  • Technologies:

    Microsoft .Net, Microsoft .Net Compact Framework, J2EE, J2SE, J2ME, Php

  • Tools:

    VisualStudio 6/2003/2005, JBuilder 2005, Zend, Eclipse

  • Programming Languages:

    JAVA, VB 6.0, VB .NET, Visual C++ 6.0, C#, C++, Php, ColdFusion

  • Web Technologies:

    HTML/JavaScript, ASP, ASP.Net Applications, ASP.Net Web Services, Servlets/Jsp, Mamboo, Php, ColdFusion

  • Database/Data warehousing:

    Oracle Databases, Oracle 9.0 Developer, Microsoft SQL Server2000/05, mySQL, Data mining

  • Operating Systems:

    Red Hat Linux 9.0, Microsoft Windows (98, 2000, 2000 Advanced / Datacenter Server & XP), Microsoft BizTalk Server 2000

We give a no-compromise promise to our customers; this promise is embodied in the three core values:

- Quaity
- Value
- Technical Exvellence


Quality is the foundation of our software development process - we consider it to be the most important element for building successful client relationships. Maintaining this high level of quality is how we meet our client's initial requirements, and then surpass them to deliver exceptional value. This directly translates to improved productivity and the lowering of the cost for our work. Quality is the umbrella activity that we apply beyond the software engineering life cycle - it's how we run our whole business.

Our software solutions are designed to be scalable and extensible. This allows the solution to keep pace with your evolving business. They are fully documented and built on familiar technology foundations to simplify the systems future evolution.

We know that quality does not come cheaply. However, we also believe in giving our clients value for money. We follow the simple premise that the quality of the engineer correlates directly to the quality of the solution. We expect to build client confidence through communication and visibility. For these reasons we do not compete on price alone; our mission is to compete on the basis of success and client satisfaction.

We are a company that is able to develop systems at extremely competitive prices in comparison to software houses that are capable of delivering a similar high level of service.

Technical Excellence

We have appreciation of the latest enabling technologies, coupled with experience of those that have matured. This enables us to help our customers meet and exceed their business objectives with confidence.

Looking for a way to offer my clients more comprehensive services.

You don't have the hassle of dealing with several different vendors to get one project done if you wish to work with freelancers e.g work with one vendor for your website design, another for back-end development and yet another for doing your logo etc. You only have to work with one person -- ME. We work directly with you and give personal attention to every aspect of your project. All you need to do is define the scope of what your project and I take care of the rest!

  • Websites Design / Development

    - Custom Web Site Design
    - Website Maintenance
    - Web Site Packages
    - Banner Ad Design
    - Web Site Marketing & Promotion
    - Web Page Optimisation
    - Search Engine Submission
    - Banner Advertising
    - e-Commerce Solutions
    - Targeted email Marketing
    - Advertising Solutions
    - CD ROM Business Cards
    - Shopping Carts

  • Print Media

    - Desktop Publishing
    - Illustrations
    - 3D Graphics
    - Logo Design
    - Brochures
    - Flyers
    - Cheap Business Cards
    - Post Cards
    - Posters
    - Stationery
    - Stickers
    - Fridge Magnets
    - Presentations
    - Printing

  • Multimedia & Animation

    - Flash Websites
    - Web Animation & Banners
    - Interactions CD's
    - 3D Modeling
    - Virtual Tours
    - Companies Intros
    - Advanced Flash Scripting
    - Cd-Rom Multimedia

  • Web Hosting

    - Cheap Web Hosting
    - Domain Name Registration
    - Windows
    - Linux
    - ASP
    - PHP
    - Web Based Control Panel

A successful design is the one that directly serves the needs of its target users. To achieve this, you need to find harmony between business, technology, style and usability concerns.

A designer who can balance all of these factors throughout the evolution of project is guaranteed to create a design that succeeds on much more than just a visual level.

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